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Funky Temple knows that it is not always possible to get away from a busy day at work or take time out of our busy life schedules to treat ourselves or destress through various media such as dance or pampering and more...

That is why we have introduced wellness classes / services for you and your employees. Funky Temple offer the following services right at your premises / offices to help alleviate the pressures of everyday work in just one hour a week.

Should you have something in mind we do not have listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your requirements and we can work out a wellness schedule for you

Dance Classes - To destress and for exercise and fitness. We offer various styles from belly dancing to hip hop, from Zumba to Tae-Bo to Dance Fit and more...

yoga for stretching and relaxation wellness classes

belly dance cardio wellness classes

rythmic bollywood indian dancing


Pamper Sessions - Mainly for the ladies, but men are welcome. We have a wide variety of packages to choose from, from Foot Soaks and Scrubs to Facials to Shoulder Massages and more...

pamper nails and hand wellness

pampering facial and foot soaks and scrubs wellness classes

pampering massage, relaxation, hot stones


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