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Funky Temple offers an exclusive educational reptile package for all parties.

Our reptile party package is a fun and interactive learning experience where children and parents interact with various reptiles under the strict supervision of a herpetologist at your venue or premises.

Red Tail Boa Constrictors, Snake

burmese python, constrictor, non venomous

Green Iguana, Reptile, Lizard, vegetarian

We take pride in leading South Africans (especially our children) in the knowledge that reptiles are amazing little animals and how to conserve them for future generations to come.

Our herpetologist offers insightful information regarding each reptile brought to the party teaching the guests about the animal such as:

Where they come from
Their life span & Habits
Care & Temperament
Behavior & Negative Qualities
Interesting facts and myths

Enabling people to understand and make informed decisions when considering a reptile as a pet.

We end off our wonderful reptile experience by allowing each child to touch or hold a reptile.

They are then able to have a photo taken and printed on site at the venue before the herpetologist leaves at an additional cost per child.

The fact that people can interact with these animals makes this a truly unique experience leaving not only a lasting impression but the information and facts discovered are retained for years.

Reptiles brought to the parties:
Californian or Mexican Black Californian King Snake or Corn Snake
Bearded Dragons 
Salmon Pink Bird Eater (Tarantula)
Large red tail boa constrictors
Crocodile Skull

Bearded Dragon

Chameleon, Flap Neck, colour changer

Salmon Pink Bird Eater, Tarantula, 8 legged

PLEASE NOTE: we only bring non-venomous reptiles to all our shows and will not consider any requests for venomous reptiles brought to parties or reptiles which are considered snappy or unpredictable.

This package is also available for any other parties such as year end function, corporate events, charity shows, educational school talks and much more.

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** Interested in a 3D reptile cake for the special person at your event, party setups or any other party related matters **

Reptile Birthday Party Dessert Table

3D reptile snake cake, confectionary, cake boss

reptile, creatures and critters, food table

** Interested in an animal type or reptile type jumping castle for your event (subject to availability) **

Monkey Jumping Castle

Snake Reptile Jumping Castle

jumping castle rental, kids fun party


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