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Awesome LED formation performance

POI spinning is a fantastic activity to incorporate into a team-building or corporate event ... it is a wonderful ice-breaker and such GOOD FUN!!!

Some people will find it easier than others ... and this can serve as a great bond-building exercise, as participants will naturally help each other learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

POI spinning is physically great exercise and is also very good for the human mind - as BOTH the left and right side of the brain are being stimulated.

For most people - who are right-handed - using the left-hand in coordination with the right causes some initial difficulty. However, with practice the left-hand side can be trained and this action simultaneously stimulates and develops both hemispheres of the brain, rarely activated through usual daily activity. This stimulation helps to 'break people free' of becoming entrained in ever-deepening usual thinking and behaviour patterns and further acts to develop balanced co-ordination.

3 tier poi

Fire POI flowers, patterns, circles

What will we do:

Funky Temple can set up a morning and/or afternoon poi spinning training workshop/

You will be taught the basics of poi spinning movement.

We will ensure that participants pick-up a minimum of 5 basic poi spinning moves.

We will teach participants a simple exercise that can be practiced at home.

How will this benefit us?

Funky Temple believes that poi spinning is a great way to find out a person's unique strengths and weaknesses, whilst physically exercising and testing both sides of the body and mind. You might be very surprised at how little we use both the right and left hemispheres of our brains and we will teach movements that strengthen both 'sides' of a person's abilities.

Poi spinning initially takes a certain amount of concentration and our fun workshop session(s) will ensure that all people involved leave happy, while considering their abilities to work with both sides of their mind/body.

Poi spinning is also a terrific way to team-build with associates, as we will devise a small performance show together - in small groups - to present to each other.

Can anyone Poi?

Although some people are naturally more rhythmical and coordinated, with time and patience anyone can learn the art of poi spinning.

At Funky Temple we believe that anything is possible in life, if you truly put your heart into it..

How long will it take to learn?

Poi spinning can take years to fully master, but we will ensure that you will pick-up a minimum of 5 basic poi spinning moves during our workshop.

Then, if the team like what they have learnt - you can always book Funky Temple for more training!


LED POI Equipment



Funky Temple can supply poi spinning equipment on hire or for sale so your staff can keep them and continue to practice at home.

How many people to a class?

Funky Temple can teach up to 15 people at one time - with one teacher. If there are more participants - we will invite another Funky Temple teacher..

About the venue

Funky Temple can arrange a venue near Hartebeespoort, or if you have your own site - we will come to you.

Snake POI fire performance





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