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Murder by numbers team building

Murder by Numbers is a problem solving, fun team build.

There is a murder mystery to solve and teams must attempt to share clues, gather evidence and name the culprit. But there is a twist - you can't trust everyone!

The format is a murder mystery with each of up to 10 participating teams representing a guest at the country mansion of Lord and Lady Botley. One of the guests has been discovered murdered on the estate and each team's objective is to find out who the murderer is and identify the following:

The murderer's accomplice

The murder weapon

Where the corpse was found

The motive for the crime

There are also a number of tasks to be completed and some "unsolved cases" to be cracked. There are clues to be followed up, deductions to be made, red herrings to be avoided and suspicions confirmed!

The 'Grand finale' is the re-enactment of the murder scene by each team, which is then viewed at the final presentation.

Benefits: Fun, Communication, Problem Solving, Mentally Stimulating, Goal Orientated.


Murders by Numbers Group Work


Murders Team Building Session


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