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Master Chef Childrens Party

2 hour party suitable for girls and boys aged 6+

Cooking is always a popular activity for kids and with the recent successful Master Chef series, there is a renewed national interest in cooking.

Challenge your friends to Masterchef in your own kitchen, with a party based on the popular TV show!

Little guests eat what they create so it’s completely stress free for Mom and Dad and no extra catering is required! We can even work a birthday cake into our activities to save you the trouble.

Start the party by getting into character with an apron and chef’s hat and a unique chef name that you make up!

You’ll be taken through 3 main challenges producing 3 yummy meals to eat or take home.

1. Mystery Box
2.Invention Test
3.Master Class

Before the party, you get to pick recipes from our selection for the first two challenges, but the final challenge is a surprise!

During the party mini-chefs will get breaks to eat and drink their refreshments and master pieces while the next challenge is set up.

At the end of the party, judging and prize giving takes place – each guest is awarded for some aspect of their creation.

Please note we will be using your oven and stove at your house, therefore if you would prefer to select a cold meal, the cold meal selections can be arranged for you to choose from.

3 hour party? Cook for 2 hours and add an hour of Master Chef Games with prizes to be won!

Should you not wish to have so many cooking activities and would only like to have 1, we can substitute the remainder of the time with Party games that suit the chef them:
*    Pin the wooden spoon on the Chef  
*    Blind Fold Taste Testing   
*    Guess the Number

Masterchef Baking

Kids Chef Hats

Baking Birthday Party Rolling Pins

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