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Gumboot Dancing Dance Off Team Building

Interactive Gumboot Dancing - Facilitators instruct gumboot dance routines in which the team listens to each other in order to perform it correctly.

Gumboot dancing is not only great for teambuilding because is active and interactive but it’s also fun!  Each delegate wears a pair of gumboots with ankle-shakers, overalls and a bandana.

The team learns a dance routine and song focusing on communication, synergy, team work enthusiasm and having fun.

Briefing for the Gumboot Dancing Activity

A pair of gumboots and ankle shakers will be provided for each delegate (Hardhats and/or bandannas on occasion).

We will teach you how to use the gumboots and your body to make the slapping and stomping noises and a traditional song.

Soon you will know the whole dance sequence – your whole company will join in the synergy.

Depending on the size of the group, we will split you into smaller groups, you will then work together – very synchronized – staging your own “industrial theatre”!.

Culminating in an event enjoyed by all.

BENEFITS: Entertainment, Synergy, Rhythm Fun



A level space, big enough for each delegate to stand/move/dance comfortably.

Each person to bring their own pair of thick socks (knee high rugby socks for instance).

An approximate indication of the sizes of gumboots we should bring along (the quantity of male/female participants should give us a fair idea).

Participants to preferably wear comfortable pants (If you really want to go all out, get everyone to wear an overall!!).

A power point for groups 80 and more, for our Sound system. 

Gumboot Facilitator


Gumboot Choreography


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