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Funky Photography Albino Burmese

Thanks for popping in to this side of the website.

Funky Temple have always been passionate about photography and have decided to add this to the Funky Temple Portfolio.

Our photography started with model databases as we understood the need for exposure for every student who is aiming at great heights to be recognized locally and internationally.

Not only do we aim to help students achieve their goals of portfolios and dreams of exposure locally and abroad but we have also brought in the wonderful world of reptiles to the photography scene.

Having a photo shoot with a reptile doesn't only give one the "once in a life time offer", but also supports in keeping these reptiles from going further endangered and eventually extinct.

We offer reptile shoots from the most endangered to the most common reptiles and have started breaking the barriers into the modelling field which is a first for South Africa as this concept has only been used in overseas markets before.

The enjoyment we receive from these shoots is when the model is so intrigued by the reptile and in understanding the dangers faced by the reptile in the wild that they adopt one to help increase the population on the reptile.

We do not in anyway support any quick get rich scheme's with reptiles.

Please don't get us wrong.

We completely understand that a reptile shoot is not for everyone and we now also offer family shoots for portraits, on site photography, modelling shoots and much more.

So please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation or more information on other options we can provide you.

Family PHotography

Our colleagues are well trained and educated in the various aspects which make up the photography side of Funky Temple and along with affable personalities provide clients with a dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional to add to the success of any project whether it may be small or large.

Our next objective will be to do body painting and taking photo shoots and animal photo shoots to a whole new level never taken before.



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