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Fire Flowers

Did you child see someone dance with fire and decided that is what they wanted for their next party.

You will never go wrong with this type of entertainment.

We have options availabe to suite your needs or we can cater to your special requests.

Options available
30 minutes for only a performance and no workshop
60 - 90 minutes (includes workshop)
For up to 30 children and is best suited for 12 years old and upwards

Our fire dancers have spent years honing in their skills in their respective fire art and offer style, pizzazz and grace to each function making sure your child’s party is spoken about for some time to come.

Music always adds an alluring effect to a fire dancer but is not a must.
Our performers provide their own music or can perform to the music playing at your venue.
This is what makes this type of performance so versatile

Our Dancer will come out in age appropriate costuming for the party and will perform various fire routines such as:

Fire POI (single or 3 tier or snake poi)
Sparkle POI (Space dependant)
Fire Sticks and Fire Tray balancing
Fire Breathing
Fire Eating
Other optional add on (time permitting)
Rope Dart
Levi Stick
Fire Fans
Fire Whip (Subject to availability)

We can include a small workshop section whereby the children will be allowed to try and ‘spin’ with none fire equipment namely practice POI to get involved and feel a part of the magic.

** Photos of the children with the fire performer can be taken and printed on site at an additional charge per photo.

Practice POI Workshps Equipment

Fire Breather

LED Performers

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** Interested in adding a set of practice poi or a gift voucher for each child or birthday person for this party package **

Practice POI none fire


Class Voucher Gift Certificate


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