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Archery Team Building


archery competition

We all know the basics, bow, arrow and a target that looks like a collection of multicoloured circles. From there it starts to get a bit more challenging, it is not an Olympic sport for nothing. 

We will have instructors on hand to show you the basics on how to safely handle the bow and where to aim. Once everyone has had a chance to try their hand at this exciting sport, we divide the group into teams and run a team competition. The team competition is followed by an individual shoot out, which is fun to participate in and watch. 

When you hit the bull's eye we share the achievement and if you miss we will all have a laugh together and help you improve your next shot! That is the most important, constructive phenomenon when it comes to Teambuilding, having a laugh while focusing on getting you motivated. By the end of the session you will be making allowance for wind and distance to keep in touch with the competition.

Archery is one of the greatest, easiest & most fun team building games that everyone can master quickly and leave having had an excellent experience. 

BENEFITS: Communication, Synergy, Listening Skills, Fun


archery equipment


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