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The Amazing Race Team Building

Funky Temple's fantastic team build, based on the TV show, The Amazing Race.

This adventure race is an off-site team-based race where teams are allocated a car, decide on a driver and race each other to complete a series of events. First team home... WINS!

The amazing race is customised to the area in question. Funky Temple have set up routes throughout South Africa, but are always willing to re-quote and re- plan according to your needs.

The tone of the Amazing Race team build is sophisticated, yet fun.

Events are chosen based on your desired team building outcome.

Challenges such as the 'art challenge' are geared to set a more sophisticated tone, and
events such as the 'road block' and 'giant puzzles' test your skills whilst keeping the event light hearted and fun.

Brief overview:

Teams meet at the start of the race.

They are given instructions on the route and details of the challenges, which can be completed in any order.

Amazing Race Winners

Teams begin the race, completing ALL the challenges as quickly as possible, acquiring clues after each challenge allowing them to proceed. The objective issimple....complete all the challenges and be the first team home.

BENEFITS: Efficient Working as a team, Focus, Goal Orientation, Planning, Attention to detail

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